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Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

General Terms and Conditions of use and free publication of subscriptions


Words and expressions used in these terms and conditions are defined as follows Member: the member who has taken out a subscription on the TURKISHPRODUCERS website Free member: the member who has taken out a free subscription on the TURKISHPRODUCERS website

1. General

These general terms and conditions govern the provision of free subscriptions provided by TURKISHPRODUCERS on its website to the exclusion of all other conditions. The member acknowledges that they are familiar with them and have accepted them unconditionally prior to placing the order, therefore confirmation of the order automatically implies that the member agrees to the present terms and conditions of sale that have the force of law between the parties. Any departure from these general terms and conditions requires validation by written agreement from TURKISHPRODUCERS to that effect. TURKISHPRODUCERS reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The new terms and conditions will apply to any new offer or order, notwithstanding any prior relations entertained between TURKISHPRODUCERS and the member. Unless there is proof to the contrary, the data registered on its website constitute proof of all the transactions between TURKISHPRODUCERS and the member.

2. Publication with regard to free subscriptions

The member must transmit and certify that all the elements required for writing, formatting and publishing the advertisement are accurate and match those provided on the form they filled in online prior to their publication on the site. These elements must be legible and correctly spelt. Logos supplied by the member must meet the technical specifications laid down by TURKISHPRODUCERS. TURKISHPRODUCERS will make every endeavour to ensure that the TP are published in the version keyed in online within 48 hours of the online order validation for a 12-month publication period. TURKISHPRODUCERS reserves the right to proceed with verifications on the content of the E*Page following its publication, and if necessary, may make linguistic and/or grammatical corrections to it and will not be held liable by the member for this service. TURKISHPRODUCERS may also, at any time, and without notice, interrupt and/or refuse any publication or circulation of an TURKISHPRODUCERS on its site, and/or remove a hyperlink in an TURKISHPRODUCERS should the content directly or indirectly targeted tend to be considered contrary to regulations in force, primarily public order, public decency, morals, laws relating to competition, brands and advertising, and/or if TURKISHPRODUCERS is served a legal injunction to remove access to disputed contentious matter. The member expressly waives their rights to any recourse against TURKISHPRODUCERS if the latter exercises its right of refusal or withdrawal.

3. Liability

TURKISHPRODUCERS is only responsible for the content of the pages it publishes. TURKISHPRODUCERS is not bound by any obligation of diligence in the on-line sales process. It may not be held liable for any damage arising from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, breakdown of service, or other problems outside its control. TURKISHPRODUCERS will not be held liable in the event of non-fulfilment of the contract through force majeure, interruption, total or partial strike of the communications media, fire or flooding.

4. Intellectual property

All the elements on the www.TURKISHPRODUCERS.com site and its extensions (.fr, .it, .es, .de, .co.uk, .nl, etc.) are protected by copyright and intellectual property law and this protection extends all over the world. No individual or body corporate is authorised to reproduce, exploit, retransmit, or use any software, visual or sound elements from the site for any purpose whatsoever, even partially. The insertion of any simple or hypertext link is strictly forbidden without the express written agreement of TURKISHPRODUCERS. In order to fulfil the order, the member transfers a non-exclusive licence to TURKISHPRODUCERS for the intellectual property rights they hold on their elements such as their brand and logo, so that TURKISHPRODUCERS can set, reproduce, communicate, modify, adapt these elements by all technical means and on all media. Accordingly the member declares that they hold all the rights required and guarantees to protect TURKISHPRODUCERS from any action of any nature regarding these intellectual property rights.

5. Customer Service

Our customer service is available to provide further details or answer questions at the info@TURKISHPRODUCERS.com address or by post to TURKISHPRODUCERS

6. Applicable law

These general terms and conditions of sale, together with all the operations targeted by the former and/or associated with the sale of its advertisements to its customers by TURKISHPRODUCERS, are governed, interpreted and carried out in compliance with French law. In the event of any dispute, the courts of the head office of TURKISHPRODUCERS will be the only courts competent in the matter.


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