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Alesta can provide partial or full door to door service for all kinds of your load in Road – Railway transportion with its wide ranging suppliers.

Everykind of load ranging from inflammable/ explosive to general goods are transported to Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Middle east, Far East and to European countries under the assurance of Alesta.

Carriages according to the type of the load as; closed carriage, open carriage, carriage suitable to bulk load, liquid carriage or platform carriage.


We transport your products to their destinations in time and in full with the most economical cost by providing the most suitable and the fastest aircraft service according to the weight, the dimension and the ingredient of the cargo in relation with the agreements we have signed with the reputable airlines.


- Delivery from Airport to Airport
- Delivery from Airport to the Door
- Delivery from Door to Airport
- Delivery from Door to Door
- Delivery to Door inclusive of Customs Clearing
- Charter
- Transportation of Dangerous Goods
- Combined Transportation (Sea + Air, Road + Air )
- Choice of all the airlines
- Choice of wide agent network

Sea Transportation

Our Sea Transportation Department, with the support of our strong agent network that is placed in every point of the world can provide possibilities for complete container, partial container, river carriage, bulk load carriage as well as scheduled, partial or full ship charter.


We offer an rapid, secure and economical service from Chinese ports mainly and from all the ports of the world, whatever the volume and weight of your load.

1. Complete container (FCL) and partial container (LCL) service from the ports of the world.
2. Opportunities of competitive freights with periodical contracts.
3. Choice of various weekly ship owners lines and choice of various cruises.
4. Choice of special equipment (HC, Flat rack, Open top, Refeer etc
5. Transportation of transit containers via Turkey
6. Organisations of transportations from port to port and from door to door.


We offer complete and groupage container service from Istanbul (Ambarlı-Haydarpaşa-Gebze), Gemlik, Izmir and Mersin ports to all the countries around the world according to the best suiting way for the needs of the customers as delivery to the port or as delivery to the address

We have made our name known in the sector especially for service to the Ukraine, Russia and Middle east ports with the right price and with the rapid service.

- Export service with complete container (FCL) and with partial container (LCL) from Turkey to the ports of the world.
- Choice of various weekly ship owners lines and suitable freights due to the contracts
- More than once a week departures and various cruise time choices
- Choice of special equipment (HC, Flatrack, Open top, Refeer container, etc.)
- Transportation of transit containers via Turkey
- Organisation of door to door complete container transportation
- Flow of healthy and rapid information for all the steps of loading
- The guarantee of delivery of bill of lading on time



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