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ECE-Olive Oil and Oil

Every necessary work is carried out in order to qualify the olive sector as a national policy, because Anatolia is the homeland of olives. Olives mean civilization. Olives are culture. Olives create workplaces. Olives mean export and the flow of foreign currency.

We, the company Yenicag Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., are observing developing technologies through our team of experts and aiming to deliver products with such a hygiene quality which is preferred by trusting Turkish and foreign consumers all over the world under consideration of their health. It's our goal to be the leading institution in our sector.
In order to obtain healthy processed foodstuff only, the products have to be produced consciously in hygienic environments by healthy employees who undergo periodically health inspections and analysis under usage of healthy raw materials, which do not contain toxic materials, and remainders of agricultural pesticides. This rule is the same in our kitchen and in the factory for foodstuff. And it won’t differ when olives are discussed.

That’s why an olive enterprise must have a certain infrastructure and conscious people who know the legal subjects of foodstuff must process olives.

Like for all foods, we are consuming olives because of their advantages to our bodies and to our health. Of course the taste and the attractiveness of the product are important, too. But at first place always the healthiness of the olives and their healthy consuming should come.

Therefore we shouldn’t only evaluate the color and taste of olives when we buy them. Different color degrees of black olives shouldn’t hinder us from consuming these olives.

We must consume olives not only for decorating our tales but also because of the benefits to our body.

We, the company ECE OLIVES are proud to offer our consumers healthy olives, which proved their product reliability. That’s why we certainly have ECE olives on our own table and offer you the same without any concern.

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