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Goo-Far - Fuel Filtration Systems

"GOO-FAR" , is a licensed  trademark of  Armoni Engineering Metals Ltd and the beginning of 2009 has begun to design and develop the range of products . In particular, for Fuel Filter and Water Separators the biggest and most important problem is paper filter elementsand the regular need of change and replace them with big costs. 100% Turkey production with very different and the technical capabilities registered with "GOO-FAR " branded product range has developed and continues to improve. As we all know, diesel fuel and engine problems in the quality of life, have caused very considerable distress and financial losses as a result of greater costs arise. Fuel to be filtered before reaching the engine is very important. This filtration during the required storage or fuel in the water as well as all types of malicious particles of elimination is necessary but prevention activities during the resulting in costs that much is important, and consequently should not be more costly and expensive. Here, leaving the "GOO-FAR " except that all paper filter element separators to be changed periodically, and at frequent intervals,  In "GOO-FAR " Separators only, the filter element in a few minutes, with a simple process, washed and re-inserting through years of use possible. Almost every year, a filter money s worth with the filter element of money completely will be saved and paper filter element to reveal the problems all eliminated will be. In short, "GOO- FAR " buses to trucks to boats to get to work machine to machine generators and Separator Filter will last you.

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